L'or Forza Coffee Capsules - 40 Capsules

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L'OR Espresso Forza is an intense and powerful roasted coffee blend. This magnificent, deep-roasted blend contains notes of oak and liquorice. These notes give way to a long, spicy aftertaste. L'OR Espresso Forza has a bold taste intensity with a powerful, fiery finish – contrasted with a delicate crema layer. You can lose yourself in its magnificent power – the unbridled power of purebred FORZA, a fiery, roasted, solid espresso blend. Blend core: Bold, Roasty, Spicy. Created by our L’OR Coffee Artists to express pleasure at its most powerful.

• Compatible with Nespresso Machines

• Intensity: 9

• Tasting Notes: Bold, Roasty, Spicy 

EGP 1,099.00 EGP 1,200.00you save EGP 101.00