Mastic Paste With Mastic Oil 300g

EGP 665.00

Mastic Paste grows in Chios and Cesme districts. Gum trees were found in Çeşme 6000 years ago.

Since then it has been used in all areas of our lives. The Mastic Paste tree smells perfectly and does not shed its leaves in winter.

Gum Paste is a natural medicine in the past, good for chest diseases. 1 spoon of gum paste consumed 30 minutes before eating on an empty stomach is very good for heartburn.

The paste, which can be drunk by mixing with water, is also good for shortness of breath.

With Mastic Paste with Mastic Oil, 300 g, you can have a taste tank produced in completely natural conditions, where you can experience flavor and health together.

Natural Mastic Paste with Mastic Oil, 300 gr, which your children can easily consume, is a taste and health store that you cannot give up after tasting. 

EGP 665.00