Nescafe Lungo Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules - 16 Capsules

EGP 390.00

Here you get a lungo pod for your Dolce Gusto® machine, which brews a bold, dark-roasted cup of coffee created on exquisite Arabica beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Columbia.

With a good fullness, an intense aroma and a beautiful, golden layer of crema, you get an excellent taste experience, with a cup that has fruity notes and slightly spicy undertones.

Here an lungo which is best enjoyed slowly. It is not too strong in taste, but has enough aroma to awaken the senses. And since it is brewed like a lungo, the cup size is also slightly larger than for a regular espresso.

• Compatible with Dolce Gusto Machines

• 16 Capsules, 16 Serving

EGP 390.00