Nespresso Caramel Crème Brûlée Coffee Capsules - 10 Capsules - Check Description

EGP 280.00 EGP 360.00

Expiry Date: 31-8-2023 

Go ahead and dream a little. The warming flavour of caramel softens the roasted notes of our most rounded and smooth espresso. The base blend for this Nespresso flavoured coffee consists of some of South America’s finest Arabicas. 

• Roast: Medium

• Intensity: 6

• Aromatic Profile: Nespresso BARISTA CREATIONS Crème Brûlée is all delicious caramel, vanilla and coconut notes dancing through the malted cereal character of our smoothest espresso. This flavoured coffee capsule is beautifully rounded and as sweet and creamy as crème brûlée.
EGP 280.00 EGP 360.00you save EGP 80.00