Nespresso Professional Ristretto Intenso Capsules - 50 Capsules - For Professional Machines -

EGP 1,100.00
In Nespresso Ristretto Intenso, a South American Arabica goes courting intensity with two Central American Robustas. We split roast this Arabica and Robusta blend and give the Arabica a gentler, longer roast to develop its natural sweetness and finer aromatics. The Robustas get fired up with an intense roast that gives this Nespresso pro capsule its roasty note and its full body. This Nespresso Ristretto pod is a roasty, bitter, and bold coffee blend with spicy pepper and woody aromas dancing through a creamy texture.

• Compatible with Professional Machines

• Intensity: 12

EGP 1,100.00