Nespresso Stormio Vertuo Capsules - 10 Capsules

Stormio is a dark-roasted blend that rushes in with a myriad of aromas. You may ask - how can all that strength come from a pure Arabica coffee? A long, slow roast intensifies the Nicaraguan and Guatemalan cereal aromatics and notes of spice and wood. The Arabica coffees are grown at high altitudes and start our slightly acidic and fruity, but the deep roast given to the beans build a rich intensity. This Vertuo coffee remains strong and full-bodied even when blended with milk. It may mellow its profile - but you’ll still taste the powerful roasted notes that blow you away like a gathering storm.

• Enjoy As: Mug (230ml)

Roast: Dark
• Intensity: 8
EGP 699.00