Nespresso Vertuo Double Espresso Set Glass Mug 180ml

EGP 2,500.00 EGP 3,000.00
Set with 2 double espresso cups, 2 saucers & 2 spoons.

It’s the same cappuccino, just one step above. The Vertuo Double Espresso set comes in twos, with two Double Espresso cups (ca. 180 ml), two saucers and two spoons. Made out of tempered glass and rounded shapes, the cups will keep your coffee warm, whether milk recipe or double espresso, and sit comfortably in your hand. Tempered glass is processed with special treatments to increase its strength and resistance to thermal shocks compared to normal glass. As with all glassware, please handle them with care. Bringing your coffee moments to new heights.


Material: Tempered glass
Capacity: 180 ml
Dimensions Saucers: 13.5cm
Dimensions Spoons: 12cm
Dishwasher safe

EGP 2,500.00 EGP 3,000.00you save EGP 500.00