Takita Stevia Sweetener 100 Tablet

Takita Stevia Tablet Sweetener is formulated with the natural sweetener steviol glycoside extract (Reb A) obtained from the Stevia plant.

Takita Stevia Tablet Sweetener is a calorie-free sweetener that helps healthy nutrition by reducing calorie, carbohydrate and sugar intake.
1 Takita Stevia Tablet Sweetener has only 0.13 calories and is as sweet as 2 sugar cubes.
It does not cause blood sugar to rise and allows diabetic patients to sweeten their drinks safely.
1 Takita® Stevia Tablet Sweetener provides the sweetness equivalent to 2 sugar cubes.
Takita Stevia Tablet Sweetener dissolves without the need to stir with a spoon, thanks to its effervescent feature.
It is suitable for use in all hot and cold drinks.
The amount of Takita Stevia Tablet Sweetener that an adult (70 kg) can safely consume daily is 23 tablets.
Lactose, sweetener (steviol glycoside RebA), acidity regulators (sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate), L-leucine, stabilizer (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), natural flavoring.

EGP 299.00